You can turn almost anything into a planter, says botanical stylist Annie Oxborough - just take a look in the back of your cupboards.

Styling Annie Oxborough
Photography Kelley Eady Loveridge

Terrariums, unusual planters, and pot plants in general, are making a huge comeback - forming the literal fringes of the current 1960s revival, but also a reversal of the longtime trend of indoor/outdoor flow.

Auckland-based botanical stylist Annie Oxborough says getting started is as easy as tripping around junk shops and asking yourself, ‘will a plant survive in there?’ ‘There’ can be anything from an old teapot to a vintage fruit box. Or an interesting glass vessel like an upside-down light, to make a terrarium.

If you’re an amateur gardener, the word ‘terrarium’ may fill you with terror. But Annie says they're not that hard to make. 
“You just need a good soil base, a prior knowledge of how much water they need, and to add a common garden feed every few months,” she says. “Also choose succulents if you’re just starting out - fleshy plants need a bit more nous.”

And if this fails... “Just bury it in the backyard and move on.”

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